Money Transfer Service | Remittance Online

Money Transfer Service | Remittance Online

The Domestic Money Transfer service allows money transfers from one bank account to another in India without visiting a bank branch. Domestic Money Transfer (DMT) is a service that has been adopted as a requirement in the digital age for the growing financial and banking needs of people. Through DMT, money can be sent to any NEFT/IMPS-supported bank all over India. DMT is a cash-to-bank account digital money transfer service provided to customers by Business Correspondents (Agents/ Retailers) associated with a FinTech company.


Characteristics of Domestic Money Transfer

  • Instant Money Transfer
  • Safe and Secure
  • Cost-Effective
  • Convenient
  • Reliable
  • Available 24/7
  • Available on Bank and Public Holidays


Business Correspondents (Agents/Retailers)

Business correspondents who are called Agents/ Retailers, work with a FinTech company and provide the domestic money transfer service to the people of their areas.

  • You can become an Agent with IME India and start a money transfer business in your area.
  • After becoming an Agent with IME India, you will be eligible for an online money transfer in India and can earn up to Rs. 50,000 per month.


Online Money Transfer Services

IME India provides DMT services to fulfil the money transfer needs of the underbanked, unbanked, and migrant population of India through its widespread network of Agents. IME India gives ease and convenience to the end customers as well as its Agents.


  • The Agents of IME India are present in every nook and corner of the country.
  • The cash is sent to the bank instantly through online money remittance and a confirmation message is sent to the sender immediately.
  • IME’s DMT service is available 24/7 and on public holidays as well.
  • This service is available at all the branches of a customer’s bank.
  • All the transactions made are safe and secure as a receipt is also made handy on the IME’S money transfer portal.


Money Transfer Portal

DMT is one of the services available in the IME India Portal using a Single Wallet.


  • Establish a business of money transfer using the IME India Agent Portal and become a money transfer agent with IME India.
  • With the help of the easy-to-use IME India money transfer portal, you can turn your shop into a money transfer shop.
  • Help your customers with domestic remittance, check your business activities and manage your activities with this personalized DMT money transfer portal.


Become a IME India Agent in a Few Simple Steps

IME India appoints CSP as Corporate Agent, distributor agent and Direct/Retailer agent based on the business requirement. To become a money, transfer agent with IME India, complete the registration process in easy steps-

  • Complete a sign-up process by filling CSP form.
  • IME India don’t charge any registration fee for becoming an agent partner for a lifetime.
  • Complete a one-time KYC process by providing a photo of your PAN Card and Aadhaar etc.
  • IME India will verify your documents and then you will become an authorized IME India Agent.


Once you have registered, you will be able to use the IME India service to send money to any bank account in India.

Benefits of Becoming IME’s DMT Agent

  • IME India enables its Agents to accept all modes of payment from customers.
  • IME’s DMT service is available at the most affordable charges, so it is cost-effective.
  • You can earn an attractive commission on every transaction you make.
  • You can help your customers in sending money to any Public Sector Undertakings or Private banks.
  • You get a very easy-to-use and reliable web portal through which you can transfer money, refund the money in case of any glitch, and attract more customers.
Become a Retailer and earn upto Rs. 1 Lakh per month.
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