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Everything you need to know about IME

Nepalese migrant workers in India sends money to Nepal for family maintenance.

Nepali citizens, who wish to send money to their family members from India to Nepal may approach nearest authorized agents of IME India. Our authorized agents would help Nepali citizens to send money from India to Nepal.

*Large retailer/agent networks
*Same day collecting/receiving facility.
* Easy accessibility to receive money all over in Nepal 
its fast , safe and secure

People having nepalease Id (citizenship and passport)

Customer visits the agent network of IME.Once the registration of customer is done he/she can send money to Nepal.

Once the transaction is done in the system by the agent, remitter receives a PIN through SMS on his registered mobile no, which he needs to share with his relative(beneficiary) whom he has mentioned while sending (beneficiary name).

Beneficiary would approach nearest IME Agent in Nepal and share his / ger PIN which he has received from India. IME Agent in Neal woiuld verify the details and ay the aount to beneficiary 

IME Agents network is spread all over in Nepal

Remitter has to approach nearest authorized agents of IME India 

The customer should be of Nepalese citizen and the document required during registration should be passport or citizenship along with mobile number and address proof.

During registration an OTP is sent to customer for confirmation on information mentioned during registration process. Upon confirmation OTP is shared and customer is enrolled. IME head office cross checks the information and documents are as per requirement either approve or rejects the customer, same information is shared through SMS. 

Once the money is remitted customer receives an SMS.

Through IME one can only send money to Nepal.

RBI has allowed a limit of Rs.50,000/- per transaction

RBI has allowed a limit of 12 transaction per year

Calender year

Customer service points who agree to facilitate Indo Nepal remittance services through IME by agreeing on terms and conditions required to meet during on boarding.

IME sales person contact different types of agents who are interested in doing indo Nepal remittance with IME.Than our sales person collects there documents as per our checklist after that our head office team register agent in IME portal and will provide login credentials.

1) PAN of Proprieter
2) Aadhaar of Proprietor/Indian Passport/Driver License/Voter ID
3) Shop Registration Certificate or Letter of Consent
4) Bank Details
5) Shop Address Proof
6) CSP Form

Once KYC documents along with application form shared by agent is approved by IME India ahead office , agent would received email with login details.

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