Transfer of Money in an easiest and fastest manner

Transmission of funds has now been made easy with IME India Private Limited as it allows the transfer of funds domestically i.e. within India and also Indo-Nepal transfer in the safest manner possible from India-Nepal.

Domestic Money Transfer

IME India Private Limited offers its customers the facility of directly transferring money within India on a real time basis. The entire process is so easy and fast that it may seem like the money is being handed over to the beneficiary face to face. In compliance with government rules and regulations, we collect bare-minimum data from the customer ensuring high-level privacy and secrecy of the same. During the process, we ensure the sense of urgency and apprehensions of the customers are addressed to the core.

Indo- Nepal Remittance

The Indo-Nepal Remittance facility provided by IME India Private Limited ensures quick and easy transmission of funds from Indian territory to Nepal corridor. Well aware of the fact that India has been one of the key destinations for the majority of Nepali workers, IME India Private Limited plans to serve them by allowing easy transfer of money to their families back at home. Nepalese citizen after providing basic documents like ID Proof I.e. Citizenship, Passport or Adhaar Card can walk into any of our partner branch, fulfil KYC requirement and send the required amount of money instantly without any hassle.

Key Benefits

Availability of services across all branches
SMS Alerts on every transaction
Real time account credit (BFI’s and Co-operatives)
Instant Money Transfer
Cost and Time effective
IME Pay Wallet Deposits

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