IME India Private Limited intends to become one of the leading multi-industry corporations of South Asia pioneering every sector we enter into thereby delivering enduring value to our stakeholders.


IME India Private Limited mission is to deliver superior value to our customers, stakeholders, employees and society at large.

Our Core Values

Excellence The main aim of our company is to excel in everything we do. This is evident through our strong commitment to fulfilling our promise to the customers. We don’t just believe in meeting customer expectations, we believe in exceeding them.

Innovation We nurture innovation by creating an atmosphere where the ‘we-have-done-it-this way’ mentality is challenged and cross-fertilization of ideas is encouraged. At IME India Private Limited, we value healthy disrespect of the status quo. Integrity: We are very much devoted to professional integrity. Our belief lies in making our service ethical, fair and responsible thereby maintaining and enhancing workplace honesty and integrity.

Accountability We at IME India Private Limited, value responsibility and public trust. We are accountable to all our stakeholders: customers, employees, partners, regulators, media and society. Good governance and transparency is the guiding principle behind every activity we do.

Teamwork We value the spirit of camaraderie and believe the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. We foster diversity in the workplace where each individual is allowed to explore the horizon of his or her expertise, knowledge and skillset in pursuit of business excellence


What Our Customers To Say

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